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Black Women WEAVE your hair alone!!!

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User ID: 41473198
United States
09/13/2013 11:27 AM
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Black Women WEAVE your hair alone!!!
Why do Black women wear so much doggone weave. It stinks, it looks ridiculous!!. Ladies, you are not white!!! Stop putting in blue contacts and wearing blonde weave and telling your children that they have nappy hair. Be proud of the hair you have, f*** what anybody has to say about it. Weave is definitely not the answer. I'm tired of hearing that you wear it because Black hair is so hard to manage and easier to stick that god awful horse hair or whatever the hell it is on top of your head. You walk around all day patting and scratching your scalp and think that you look good. WAKE THE HELL UP!! People are talking a lot of sh** about the fake look you walk around with. And also, Black Men.... Cut the damn dreads off, pull up your damn pants and look presentable.