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How to build a Jump Engine

Lucian Apollo Lumina Zalmoxe
User ID: 30825861
09/13/2013 07:14 PM
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How to build a Jump Engine
The most secretive tech of Romania is the construction of the jump drive which allows our spaceships to travel to any point in the local universe instantly almost by travelling through higher dimensions
This universe is like a sheet of paper with 3 dimensions ,not just 2
bend the sheet and pierce it with a needle-you create a bridge between 2 distant points
this bridge is called a wormhole and high energies are required to break the 4d continuum into 5d continuum
in order to create this breach in space-time a ship must have 3 claws made of gold or platinum ideally
however they are made of silver because silver is 20 times cheaper and almost as superconductive as gold
superconductivity is needed to quickly pump the electricity forward into a Tesla bolt produced by Tesla coils
so we have 3 coils and 3 claws of silver pointing at the same point in space
but this point must be further away from any planetary body in the solar system
beyond the Pluto and Ceres planets to have an accurate jump
how do you get there?
use the antigravity engines or hyperdrive made by dragons
the jump engine is much better than hyperdrive
it consumes almost no electricity
the jump is instantaneous
the enemy cant see you coming
the ship can be cloaked
but it must be shielded to avoid the tidal waves in the 5d continuum of consciousness

so here we are this time and this place
in the 1970s the Romanian engineers observed the jumping technique of monkeys
cimpanzees actually
they get to the top of a tree and jump to the following tree arriving at the middle of the tree
then they repeat
due to the loss of momentum and impedance this is valid in the local universe too
climb to the orbit of Pluto
make a jump to alpha centauri
the ship arrives in the middle of the system
because it has lost momentum and the sun is sucking it in
the mass is distrubing the 4d continuum since it is a concentration of energy
dont make long jumps
or you will fall into nothingness
or into the middle of a sun or a planet or a black hole
map your coordinates in the milky way carefully
plan your jumps carefully
and break the space time continuum!:)))
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25262486
09/13/2013 07:24 PM
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Re: How to build a Jump Engine
hahahaha the earth was flat, now the universe is. Yes they know what they are doing