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How to build a Cloaking Device

User ID: 30825861
09/13/2013 08:45 PM
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How to build a Cloaking Device
Humans can perceive just a small fraction of the light spectrum
infrareds and ultraviolets cannot be seen
so in order to make a flying saucer vanishing and reapearing from a superior dimension :)))
you just need to make the flying saucer change its colour to below red or above violet
the trick here is not block the light
the light is refracted by the skin of the saucer
then it goes into your eyes and you can see it
that's the mecanic
now you will still see the invisible or cloaked vessel
but your brain will not know how to present this info to you
put a second skin inside the craft
put some lasers between the skins
alternate the lasers to infrared or ultraviolet light and idrect them to the outer layer
the outer layer becomes infrared or ultraviolet