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How you can build a Magnetic Train

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09/14/2013 04:22 AM
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How you can build a Magnetic Train
Nicolae Tesla was a Romanian born in southern Banat,now part of Serbia and Croatia
He invented many things ,regarding electricity:the Tesla Coil,magnetically suspended trains going in a tunnel from Constanta to Bucharest in matter of minutes,the Death Ray used to make the Tunguska event and the powerless transmission of electric current using the principle of superconductivity

To these days,in France and Japan magnetic trains were implemented
but on the surface,not the underground they face many wind forces and are forced to travel much slower
also the electrical grid is a classical 250 years old one and not the Tesla coils that he envisioned

a magnetic train is a very simple device:
you run an electrical current through the rails
the rails become magnetized :positive and negative charges
at the same time you run electrical currents through the side of the trains
positive rejects positive
negative rejects negative
thus the trains floats above the rails
and the speed is great:8000 kmph
the underground train is powered by tesla coils
which are simple devices who transmit electrical current by lighting
when you put positive and negative charges at proximity
an electrical bolt occurs between them
thus the train has a tesla receiver on top which is negatively charged and receives the positive lightnings from 100 to 100 years where the tesla coils are locatred
other tesla coils power the rails
and so you have the magnetic suspension