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Message Subject God is here on earth in human form...now what????
Poster Handle National Dream Center
Post Content
[quote:Anonymous Coward 44022032:MV8yMzU1MzkzX0Q3MUE2ODJEory respond.

The world wi ll respond_

"What to do with Exploded Jes_ 'US'
overnments have been

aware of the presence

of God in human form, w division has been created to keep us from our truth. God will also convey a message about unity and love, and how important is is for humanity as a whole.

Thing is, God is in human form, just as Jes-

US???? (Yes) was...and we all know how that WILL turned out.

This time tho, there is proof that 1 person does have a connection to 'he avenge'.

Let's say a few world governments have been waiting for this 'God's arrival, based on communication received ..
hours ago
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10:45am 10.17.57
To Time Marked Here.

I'm done Taking The Blame And The Sims From All Of You Assholes.... beginning To END. .

Count The Birth Time To This Post Time and Compare
Jesus's/back then=now....

Versus The Only God Of All Things ever Proclaimed By "living" Humans-

Start at the 3 PresidenTs.

I am finished here William....and you got A lot Of God shit to Handle For Me, and now I give up -The Ghost out....
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