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Message Subject God is here on earth in human form...now what????
Poster Handle THE REAL SEAL
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Mon Jun 26 00:46:13 EDT
"Sweetie, I forgot the bag in the fridge with the lunch meat and a few cherries I was taking home. I'll get it on Wednesday. Sleep well my Love."

William Spoke these ominous words-Written In Stone-many times To ME, Cathleen, YESTERDAY, before William left my Northeast Philadelphia home to get some things done at his own home in South Philly.

As his woman, I have no business pondering
I am PHYSICALLY compelled to WRITE His Words, I am simply compelled to do so
Immediately. Immediately.

"The.people.in.this. world.who.have.made.you.
suffer.WILL.SUFFER.FOR. EVERY.Single.THING.that. they.have.done.AGAINST.
You.Trust.Me.They.Will.Be. FORCED.to.Suffer.


The LAST AND The First King EVER To Come BACK-
Tuesday June 20 [email protected]:43AM


ymous 44022032:MV8yMzU1MzkzX0Q3MUE2ODJE]
Please give some thought to this before you respond.

The world governments have been aware of the presence of God in human form, and have been for 20 plus years. World political and religious leaders, law enforcement, government agencies have all been waiting for the right time to introduce God to the world. After years of study and investigation, it has been proven that God is here now to help us, to warn us, about how there has been a battle for our souls, and how division has been created to keep us from our truth. God will also convey a message about unity and love, and how important is is for humanity as a whole.

Thing is, God is in human form, just as Jesus was...and we all know how that turned out.

[link to postimg.org (secure)]

"-ALL OR 0-
His Call."

This time tho, there is proof that this person does have a connection to 'heaven'. Let's say a few world governments have been waiting for this 'God's arrival, based on communication received hundreds of years ago. Much of what this God has to say will condemn most religions and encourage unity and love that crosses all race, creed and color.

What kind of advice would you give this person and world and church leaders? Imagine, God's is here and God's message does not align with the religious.

Imagine, a global acceptance of 'God's return. But a concern about how to manage God's return and introduction to the world.

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