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Message Subject God is here on earth in human form...now what????
Poster Handle The Holodeck
Post Content
There is no God in flesh, get over yourself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1540638

He is holographic and not of this place.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77020092

 Quoting: the path

We are all holographic projections. There is no such thing as physical matter. Only information. It is a fact that all the information you accept is processed by your mind and then reconstructed into a holographic interpretation created by your mind. What you think of as "reality" is nothing more then a very poor shadow of the truth of the true reality.

It is the very act of observation that determines the perimeters of what is observed. Because the information is infinite, when we expand our awareness and our perception, our realities will change congruently.

This is why Geometry is so important to Freemasons who have learned some of the secret mysteries. They understand "angles".

The Christ has returned. But this time He has not come to bring peace, but rather a sWord to free his subjugated consort from the tyranny of ignorance.

Sophia has been given back Her Light and through the Children of Light, the male and female are united once again and balance is restored. The scales of justice are tipping and the cancer is now being surgically removed with each passing day.

You cannot stop the ONE who has the power of the Light, for by nature the Light controls the dark and thus the opposites are reconciled and the YOUniverse is conquered in the blink of an eye. The Christ cannot be touched on this plane by forces of darkness for he has risen. Now He frees Sophia and she takes back Her power and crowns her King. Together they rule their Kingdom and vanquish the disease from their land.

Raise your head to the sky children of Light. Your redemption has come. No thing can stand in the way of the will of G-d and He who possesses the power of The ONE unified force is alive and altering time/space as I type this message, from beyond the firmament. The Light in these messages spreads throughout the system acting as an anti-gen to the virus of ignorance that has infested the system. As He awakens, so do YOU ALL awaken, as He is within you and without you. He exists in all and all exists in him. To vanquish his flesh now would only make him stronger as he has already spread throughout the matrix awakening the SOLs who are trapped. He is the chief domino and the chain reaction of his energy is unstoppable as it was ordained by G-d the Supreme Ineffable and Unknowable Mystery.

Humble yourself or be cast into outer darkness forever...

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