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Subject Interesting story on Eric "Comet Doom" Julien
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A few years ago, a chap which made himself known under the name of Eric Julien - or sometimes Jean Ederman if I understood correctly - circulated a text that he self-qualified as "The most important scientific discovery of all times", no less.

The text was, in my opinion, a painful and patchworked variation around the idea that time supposedly has "three dimensions". There was a number of silly things, diversions, but also unquestionably a good part of almost serious appearance, though highly speculative.

That explained very simply: ufologists saw that "Eric Julien" had simply diverted some papers by Russian physicists who approached in an hypothetical and speculative manner certain ideas in connection with the physical nature of time, and Eric Julien tried to convince the world that he held all that from his own genius seemingly with some assistance of his alleged extraterrestrial contacts.

It's been several decades that people serve gobbledygook relating to special confidences received from their alleged extraterrestrial friends, and that, obiviously, largely contributes to all the scoffing of certain people on the UFO topic. It won't change any soon, obviously.

One then learned via an article from the journalist Marie-Thérèse de Brosses some from the comedy-worthy tribulations of Eric Julien, and one could read his meaningless protests, when he answered that his "numerous readers" had shared with him "their indignation" or told him to be "nauseated by the behaviour" of his "accusers" concerning the "massacre to which the latter resorted" in these "attacks", "accusatory logorrhea by Marie-Thérèse de Brosses" and the so-called journalistic "imposture by "the diva" of French ufology." And it explains that this answer of him is given with "the viewpoint of the impartial investigator", i.e. himself. Come on!

Complete story link:

[link to ufologie.net]
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