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Message Subject ageing/hanging of meat
Poster Handle M1.618
Post Content
Why are you comparing lamb to beef?
 Quoting: ProtoKulture

I dont/didnt intend to

I remember beef being better and lamb for that matter
then it is now.

Ive eaten hung/aged lamb as well and it was good but not great.
 Quoting: chowan

There is lamb and mutton as well as cuts of the meat... The difference from mutton to lamb in meat is great...
 Quoting: M1.618

yes ive eaten both and enjoy both.

as long as its cooked too many people want to eat lamb or mutton like they would a beef steak.

cooked long and thoroughly is the only way with lamb or mutton.
 Quoting: chowan

Mutton is low and slow... flavouring a good stew. Lamb cubed marinated in a good marinade on sticks and roasted over coal... This thread made me think of taking a slab of meat... Dry aging it, trimming & then down lowest and slowest in the cooker)
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