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Peter Joseph Run Circles around Stefan Molyneux in Debate

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United States
09/23/2013 10:28 PM
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Peter Joseph Run Circles around Stefan Molyneux in Debate

Amazing the denial of the Anarcho Capitalists. While I disagree with Peter in many ways (religion bs), his economic views are dead on. 5a

Enjoy the debate

>Note from Peter Joseph:
"I would like to say I value Mr. Molyneux's perspective with respect to the outcomes he intends with his notion of a "Free-Society." His intelligence and ambition is wonderful.

However, during the course of our interview I was deeply disappointed with his perpetual ignoring of the central themes put forward with respect the underlying causal nature of the market, its inherent limitations and structural consequences.

I will also say that it bothers me deeply how such antiquated market ideas are still ever popular and, again, while I respect his intents, he persist as very much a part of the problem, not the solution when it comes to the serious public health and ecological problems facing the world today, sourced in a distorted value system reinforced by the dominant and outdates ethos of market capitalism in all forms.

Perhaps a further conversation can be put forward as I didn't get to touch upon 60% of what I wanted to. Many thanks for Stefan's time! "