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Message Subject GREECE: Golden Dawn PMs heading to Supreme Court. Elections on the horizon? G.D. President Mixaloliakos just arrested
Poster Handle Foveras
Post Content
Google translated from Defencenet

In the hands of the police is currently broadcast channels such as SKY and Mega chief of the Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos while information refer to arrests and four other members.

Noted that since the dawn activated order of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court that the Golden Dawn works as a criminal organization.

First detained Nikos Michaloliakos as leader of the Golden Dawn. Information Mega speak for even 34 orders. As broadcast television channels among individuals who are driven to police headquarters and Elias Kasidiaris, while, as indicated to Mega o Claus Xiotis, director of "Step FM» the commission of this offense operates ex officio despite parliamentary immunity.
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