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Message Subject GREECE: Golden Dawn PMs heading to Supreme Court. Elections on the horizon? G.D. President Mixaloliakos just arrested
Poster Handle Foveras
Post Content
Are those Greek in power now in Greece, THAT STUPID ? I mean, GD leaders wanted to kill a singer dude, otherwise GD is not even close to be a criminal organization.

SO, the GD leaders decide to give the assassination order to A GD PARTY MEMBER ????

Give me a FUCKING break.

The problem now is : HOW DUMB ARE THE GREEK PEOPLE ? Because , man, those arrests are CLEARLY manufactured.
 Quoting: recollector

Actually the original G.D. is a criminal organization. They used the Nazi mask to sell protection and to cover their crimes. They are working with Albanians, Pakistanians and others. This is not my words. These are words of ex-members of the G.D. Now that this is manufactured, is 100% sure. Seems that the new measures are tough and they either want to cause elections or to distract people from the original problem.
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