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The True Story of Zana: A Captive Russian Sasquatch and Mother to 4 Half-Human Offspring

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United Arab Emirates
09/29/2013 11:34 AM
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The True Story of Zana: A Captive Russian Sasquatch and Mother to 4 Half-Human Offspring
One of the most intriguing stories from 19th century Russia is the story of Zana, who is reputed to have been a female almas (Russian name for sasquatch) captured by villagers in what is today known as Abkhazia , Western Caucasus. Details regarding just how she was captured are sketchy at best.

Villagers described her as covered with reddish-black hair with a large muscular build, large teeth, and fingers and toes longer than humans, in fact, she was able to splay her toes widely and move apart the big toe. Her wild animal-like tendencies frightened most who encountered her and for 3 years her food was tossed to her from a distance. Eventually, she became tame enough to be allowed to wander about fairly freely. Despite this, she continued to sleep outside in a self-dug hole in the dirt, refused to wear clothes, (became willing to tolerate a loin cloth), and never learned to speak. She developed the ability to perform simple tasks and seemed to respond to her name. Villagers recall she had a voracious appetite and even had a penchant for wine, sometimes sleeping for hours in a swoon-like state after indulging. Among her peculiar behaviors were clacking stones together and lying in a cool pool side by side with buffalo.

But here's the most interesting part of the story. Zana became pregnant by local men (perhaps it was the wine) and produced six offspring! The first two newborns died after she washed them in chilly spring water shortly after giving birth. Village women subsequently rescued the following four infants and cared for them, raising them as normal human children. Zana was the mother of two sons and two daughters. Yahoo contributor Robert Craeller lists their names and approximate birth year.

"The oldest son was Dzhanda, the youngest, Khwit. The older girl was Kodzanar and the second, Gamassa. All of them had children of their own, and their descendants are dispersed across Abkhazia. In the official census their last name was listed as Sabekia, although the two youngest, Khwit and Gamassa were raised by Edgi Genaba's wife. (It was rumored that Genaba himself fathered those children). Their birthdates are listed as: Dzhanda; 1878, Kodzanar; 1880, Gamassa; 1882 and Khwit; unknown."

Of the four, the most is known about her youngest son Khwit. Exceptionally strong Khwit managed quite well within society although he possessed a quick temper and was prone to picking fights. Khwit died in 1954 around the age of 65-70. In the 1970's, well-known hominologist and researcher Igor Burtsev led an expedition to locate the remains. Studies were conducted on the skull by scientists in Moscow who noted peculiarities, but differences weren't remarkable enough to conclude the skull was outside the parameters of a modern human. Female skeletal remains were found in a grave next to Khwit, but scientists were unable to conclusively identify them as the bones of Zana.

[link to bigfootevidence.blogspot.ae]
aqmah  (OP)

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United Arab Emirates
09/30/2013 06:04 AM
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Re: The True Story of Zana: A Captive Russian Sasquatch and Mother to 4 Half-Human Offspring
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