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Subject There REALLY IS something strange in western sky around sunset...!!!
Poster Handle ok
Post Content
It is NOT venus(you can see that clearly to the left/higher)

It is NOT mercury(can hardly be seen @ all, certainly doesn't have disc like appendage)

You can not see anything unusual with eyes only, HOWEVER with a pair of binoculars you can see a round, reddish object as bright as Venus BUT with something CLEARLY protruding from it that is disc like but open ended.

A sort of "V" shape to it... The left side appears to be more prominent. I've checked it out last two nights and can hardly believe my eyes. All articles I read state you can NOT see the rings of Saturn with just binocs; its too far for that. Plus the "V" shape part is larger then the object; it is vice versa with Saturn. I've seen saturn through a proper telescope and it was tiny, its rings even more so.

Please if you are in usa/canada or other northern latitudes, check it out, near sunset WITH binocs @ least. I can't believe this but it looks just like the images of what niburu is supposed to look like, the winged disc!!!

Craziest thing I've ever seen, right up there with hale bopp or green lightning or intense aurora action.

I am sort of willing to believe it's Saturn due to local, appearance but doesn't seem possible @ all(way too much detail for such weak/generic binoculars! It doesn't even say the mag power on them.)!!!
The rings are NOT open ended
The rings are NOT more prominent then the planet/object

Again it is NOT venus, observed it shorlty later/unmistakably.
Mercury might of been the winged messanger but does NOT actually have wing/disc like appearance to it ever.

Will attempt images tomorrow.
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