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Message Subject There REALLY IS something strange in western sky around sunset...!!!
Poster Handle ok
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Hey FOR REALZ I am being serious! First post even! Numerous people on here have seen it. CLEARLY there is a tail, disc, or "wings" coming off it. Also why Ican NOT believe it is saturn(forgot to mention) is because the round part is at the bottom, NOT the center like it would be if it were saturn...

I am a skeptic.com
This is quite the spectacle!!!
Seen many posts and vids about a second son, etc. and figured how could it be possible? As in anyone could see it, everyone would be freaking.

Now I and others have indeed seen something abnormal beyond comprehension. Please tomorrow check it out YOU WILL NOT BE Disappointed!! There are other posts about this, just now realizing it.

One is "has this video been verified or debunked?" By isis one(?) Its a fairly crummy video but that seems to be what we are seeing. Here in wisconsin the orientation is much more vertical tho, don't know where that vid is from but it does look a lot like that and is just after sunset.

It does look somewhat like a plane with con/chemtrail but it is not. Doesn't move, just stays there. Seen a plane later, looks quite different! This is unmistakable whatever it is.

Sorry am on phone or Iwould link other posts.
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