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Message Subject Jesse Ventura "Lets Look At The Whole 9/11 Conspiracy For A Moment..."
Poster Handle rhesus Mascari
Post Content

 Quoting: danes1
...............Building seven was not hit by a plane , but pulled by Rudy Giuliani , Bernie Kerik , Marvin Bush , neil Bush , paul wolfowitz , Mike ''bankster'' Raphan, Pam Geller , Ray Kelly and the kosher nostra/ AIPAC/ Fusion Center fifth column of Mike and ben Chertoff, et al...........see BY WAY OF DECEPTION ........Zionist False Flags in the Reign of Error by Gus Russo , Diane Ravitch , Robert Gaffney and Bill Rapfogel Kristol and FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS , Lavon Affair and ATTACK OF THE THEOCRATS.
 Quoting: indict Dick Cheney 47927535


 Quoting: thetrickybigguy
.....................benito trump promised to drain the zionist swamp ,,,,,,,,,instead appointed Betsy Devos , David Horowitz , harold hamm , Pulte Himmler , baruch goldstein and the jonathan pollard clones of AIPAC swamp masters of deceit and kosher nostra elites.
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