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Message Subject Jesse Ventura "Lets Look At The Whole 9/11 Conspiracy For A Moment..."
Poster Handle -=LaZe=-
Post Content
I hate how this 9/11 conspiracy stuff is being swept under the rug...

I will say this whoever controls the present controls the past.

All 3 towers that fell had that pancake look that only a controled demolition could have made with many straticily placed thermite charges throughout the buildings that think it was bushes brothers or a realitives building company inspected the buildings think it was 2 weeks before 9/11... they planted the charges and the muslims known as alcidia were trained and funded by the cia.

BTW Obama is Osama just look at the faces and if you shaved Osamas face its a 100% match to Obamas! The CIA can make fake identitys for people however they can never make them 100% hence the whole birth certificate failed to be produced.
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