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More Intel: Hospital Staffing Cuts and PTO Time Voided!

Mad Scientist (aka AmJedi)
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10/07/2013 08:36 AM
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More Intel: Hospital Staffing Cuts and PTO Time Voided!
My wife just called me, told me today was her last day at a large Tulsa Hospital. They were told 'All PTO is void, only one person per shift over three units Adult ICU, Trauma ICU, and CV ICU are allowed vacation per two week period."

Of course, there are 75 people in the three units, so do the math on that. They all told them, "you will go to the public exchange for insurance because we will NOT have employer insurance after January 1st!"

All maintenance staff is being outsourced. Security is being reduced. And they are reducing Respiratory Staff as well.

Well folks, here is Obamacare (Apococare) from the trenches! One sixth of the GDP gobbled up in chaos!
(GLP aka American Jedi)

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