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What would it take?

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User ID: 30476903
United States
10/09/2013 03:20 AM
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What would it take?
I wonder if folks would take more notice, and care more, about what is happening in this Country if they closed all of the "Shopping Malls" around the Country, instead of closing the "National Mall"?

Seems like so many folks just don't care... Or even notice what's happening around them.

What do you think would have to "close" or "Shut Down" or "Shut Off" in order to get the attention of today's public?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 47555334
10/09/2013 03:22 AM
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Re: What would it take?
What it would take is, someone to take over the government, and put themselves on the emergency broadcast channel on TV telling people of their new leader.
Then the lead would start a rollin, and the brains a starts a smouldin.