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OUT OF TIME! Series 1: Atlantis (Poll)

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10/09/2013 10:01 PM
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OUT OF TIME! Series 1: Atlantis (Poll)
POLL: Time's Out: Do you believe in Atlantis?
 Yes, Atlantis was a material place on Earth
 No, Atlantis never existed
 Yes, Atlantis was a spiritual place on a more Spiritual Earth
 No, at best Atlantis was an allegory
 Yes, Atlantis was an allegory
 Blank (View Results) 

With the Apocalypse all around us, there Isn't any time left to wait for proof. The debates have all been had, and it's time to draw a line in the sand:

Atlantis: Do you believe?
:ritd:"You've been left on your own, like a Rainbow in the Dark" -Ronnie James Dio:ritd: