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Subject Alabama Homeschooling Family Sends Six of Ten Children to College By Age Twelve...
Poster Handle christian
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MONTGOMERY – A homeschooling family from Montgomery, Alabama is wowing many across the nation as six of their ten children have enrolled in college by the age of twelve, and the four remaining hope to do the same.

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding state that they are simply raising the “average family,” but credit their children’s success to homeschooling and encouraging their children to pursue their passions at a young age.

“We just felt like it was our responsibility,” mother Mona Lisa told reporters about the decision to homeschool. “That’s a big choice, and [we] wanted to be totally in control and make sure they had the right upbringing, and they accelerated because of it.”

When asked what she is doing that her friends are not, 10-year-old Katrinnah replied, “I guess I’m staying home instead of going to school, and I’m doing it faster.”

The four oldest Harding children have all graduated from college and are pursuing lucrative careers.

Heath Harding, now 17, was the youngest student ever to graduate from Huntingdon College. He graduated at 15 went on to obtain a master’s degree in computer science.

His sister Serennah, 22, is the youngest female physician in the U.S., and is pursuing a career as a Navy doctor.

Rosannah, 20, has been working as an architect since she was 18. She credits homeschooling and studying on her own for her success.

“We just [studied] at our own pace,” she told reporters. “Rather than a class of 30, we were a class of three. So, we each did it at our own pace and we just accelerated.”

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