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highly sensitive/empath

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United States
10/19/2013 02:50 PM
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highly sensitive/empath
I have always been a very spiritual person,but over the years it has been getting a lott scarier for me in terms of the different things that have now been happening! from when I was a child,I heard bumps in the night,saw things,and my mom saw what I saw as well.Then when i started staying over friends houses the same thing would happen to me,where I would see or hear things,or just get a heavy feeling of dread come over me! We once had to get an evil spirit out of my friend's house (I was the one who felt it).A person had to come to cast it out! then when I got pregnant with my third child,my sleep pattern was even more disturbed,and I would constantly get scared,and awake to a coughing sound in my ear,a sneeze,or whispering,and then I found out that I was in between spirit worlds while trying to go to sleep.This happened for 3 years,and when my son was 3 it finally stopped! He also had sleep disturbances,and was a very bad sleeper,dk why but he would wake up about every hour or so.Then soon after when we moved to a different borough,and my senses started awakening even more.I started noticing more and more things,as well as doing a lot more research on a number of things.I started noticing lots of things in the sky right from my bedroom window,which faces the backyard.It seemed like some were ufo-like/shapeshifters while others were so fast like rockets,and some would just sit idling for hours on end.I went to a discussion soon after with a Science professor,and sent him the videos that I took,and he looked them over with some of the people he works with from the UFO society.After some looking,he told me that some were UFO-like and some were sattelite surveillances.Soon after that I noticed that they would just stay close by my house from 12 AM until about 5 AM at times,sometimes for longer,sometimes shorter.There are times that I try to go to sleep,and I would jump out of my sleep hearing morse code like sounds in my ears,sort of sounds like the beeping that you hear when getting an MRI done,and I would hear the plane-like thing overhead.I would wake my husband up,and he would hear the plane-like motor,but no beeping,of course.Ever since my first time hearing it,I felt in my gut that whatever it is,is meant for me to either try to mind control me or do something bad,I pretty much don't get a good feeling about it at all! I also knew that it was just me hearing it,since it is the sounds going into my ears.I don't know what to do,and I get so nervous every time it happens.It happened at least 6 times within the past 5 months or so.Has anyone else had this kind of stuff happen to them,and does anyone know anything that I can do about it? it has me so scared and lost because I feel like there is nothing I can do at the moment,so I feel no way out.Please leave any comments or suggestions.BTW I know that it's real and that I'm not going crazy lol my husband can hear the things in the sky going back and forth with a whooshing sound at times in the night time,which I feel are the chemtrails that they are doing at night.Hopefully someone here went through similar things,because I need answers already,especially since my gut twists knowing that this is no good! wtf