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Message Subject Earthquake Alert ~ Always Updated
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My ears have been really bad and constant for over a week the noise and pressure incredible tonight. I live on the cone of an extinct volcano .
The oar fish are too big an omen to overlook.
thanks for your thread OP
 Quoting: Satan's BFF

Sorry to be slightly off topic. this little bit of info is for everyone that is hearing ringing in their ears. For many years Ive had the same and the way I deal with it is: I verbally say "I hear you, I acknowledge you and I thank you" I may have to repeat this more than once or twice before the sound disappears. It truly does work for me and I think its worth people giving it a go.

And the emoticons are for Simple27 re: this new earthquake thread thats about to be added to my favourites.
 Quoting: Littlepixie

I agree with you

I have read and believe the metaphysical reason for ringing ears is "NOT LISTENING TO YOU HIGHER SELF"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17177558

i believe now that it is the change in barometric pressure and also the change in waves of the magnetosphere disturbances among other earth processes. some people are very in-tune with the processes of their bodies and can sense instantaneously when something changes even slightly. i often feel the earth vibrate under my feet, only to find that there was no eq anywhere near where i live. thought i was crazy for a while. but then i realized how sensitive i was about so many other things and it made sense. you can feel even the slightest change, even though there is no event at that time. it is a gift of sorts. when it happens it is time to pray and soften the effects on human life. the earth is alive and it will move and grow that there is no doubt.
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