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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated
Poster Handle whiteangel
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 Quoting: Simple27

Snowing a lot harder than that here right at this moment. Big huge flakes and already 3" more on the ground. Just beautiful!!!!!!! But that band of snow will be short lived. Still haven't gotten my feet of snow yet!!!!!!!!
 Quoting: whiteangel

I really don't want feet. I'm actually a little nervous because of the Raynaud's. My hands literally begin to hurt, BAD, in the cold. My body temp is all screwed up. My hands will start turning purple (legit, no lie), but my face will feel so hot! The hands thing has been getting bad lately. To the point where I am actually nervous about shoveling. We'll see what happens. Coming down pretty hard right now.

Just don't wanna lose my fingers. What the heck would I do without GLP?!
 Quoting: Simple27

Been snowing here, we added another 6 inches or so on top of the 4 inches we already had. Whopping 0* F right now too. I'd like to stay in, but have a party I'm going to and it's not too cold to pass up some smoked beef brisket. So, that said, I have to run. Hold down the fort!
 Quoting: Sol Neman

Zero and 10" on the ground! Sounds like the perfect time for smoked beef brisket.

We are a lot warmer, 12 above and only 6-8" on the ground.
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