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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.6 Guam*5.4 Oregon*5.2 Fiji*5.1 Fiji*5.1 Santa Cruz Islands*5.1 Indonesia ~ Pg 11951
Poster Handle WhiteAngel
Post Content
[link to legacy-www.swpc.noaa.gov]
What's up with the missing data? At least they were able to tell us it was m3.06!
Where is the proton storm coming from?
 Quoting: WhiteAngel

PREDICTIONS FOR 18 Jun 2015 10CM FLUX: 135 / AP: 010

(NOAA 2371) in the East.
[link to www.sidc.be]
 Quoting: joinca

Thank you Joinca hf I haven't been paying close attention to solar activity because there hasn't been any. Woke up late - yes my hours are very messed up - and saw the missing data and the xray flux coming out of a M-flare. Given the time frame, we can assume there wasn't a bigger flare before the 3.0 but we don't really know for sure either.

I remember a missing data field that showed the graph on the down slope hitting M8 when we could see it. Protons were thick on ACE. About 21 hours later we were hit hard with a CME. Most of us assumed that the missing data was an X-flare but how big, none of us ever knew. It was back in 2012.
 Quoting: WhiteAngel

I just happened to flip by a tab that I had open and saw the flare in action. Went over to the sun tabs that I have open all of the time and found out what was up. At least the sun is awake for now!
[link to sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov]
 Quoting: joinca

Even during grand solar minimums the sun was known to yawn from time to time, lol
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