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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.0 Japan ~ Pg 12118
Poster Handle Cosmic Wanderer
Post Content
TGIF folks,

After watching the I 15 fire and some of the other articles below that one about all the other fires going on, you're right. Something doesn't 'feel' right. This is being done on purpose.

Have any of you checked out Dane Wiggington's www.geoengineeringwatch.org who has been covering the toxic spraying of our country? He moved to a 1700 acres wildlife preserve in Mt. Shasta years ago and says all the trees and insects are dying due to the spraying and also the FK radiation. I'm so sad and pissed about what they're doing. Wall St is making billions if not trillions of $$$ betting on our future agriculture commodities, knowing of course how it's going to turn out.

Like WA, my garden didn't do well this summer or last. And I had a backyard 100 ft pine tree crush my 4Runner last Oct. No wind, just a very dried out tree.

Prayers going out to the humans and wildlife that are losing their lives and property all because of the greed of a few.

Hope you have a quiet security night, Simp. You do a great with this thread. You also have a very cool accent. Wasn't expecting that :)

Thanks for keeping me laughing. I'm heading to the beer cooler.

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