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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.0 Japan ~ Pg 12118
Poster Handle WhiteAngel
Post Content
It's true, I don't like the east coast, but you're not alone, I don't like the west coast either or any large metro area for that matter. Way too many people! Seems to me when you pack people in like sardines they start to act all crazy like. I prefer my wide open spaces and mountain views.

That said, the second statement you have highlighted in red was pure sarcasm (we really need a sarcasm font!)

This is the problem with the interwebs...I am often misunderstood. I have a very cynical, and snarky attitude and have been told my entire life that I am a smart ass. Hopefully, now that you know this, you don't take everything is say so seriously.

Cheer up! It's Friday!
 Quoting: Sol Neman

I am actually like Sol Neman here. I don't like big cities. I don't want to live a 1,000 near a coast. I like the group here!!

Here is the perfect smilie for sarcasm

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