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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*6.1 Tonga*5.1 South Sandwich Islands ~ Pg 12597
Poster Handle WhiteAngel
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 Quoting: WhiteAngel

How are you?

 Quoting: Simple27

Tired. Too many things to do in very little time.
We have 3 more large cakes to make by May 28th. One is for daughter's Capstone, an English class that is suppose to be about a passion or what the kids are planning to go into for their careers. She of course is going into baking. Her cake will be 5 tiers and huge - about 4-5 feet high when finished. Then a simpler cake for the evening of her graduation on May 16th with just two tiers, the bottom will have edible pictures printed of her from babyhood to her senior picture and then the last one is for her graduation party which is Harry Potter themed and this is the one that will take a very long time to make. The Sorting Hat and Hedwig and books will be the hardest, unless the 9 3/4 train platform gives me hell!!

Family will be coming in from Texas and California for her graduation which means a spotless house, even if the kitchen will be a mess - they will just have to deal with it. Meal planning, activities that I really just don't have time for. I am thinking there might be a lot of carry-out meals!!!

Plus, this year I have really been into bird watching and May is migration time in Colorado and I will want to try my best to get in some outings, my goal for this year is to see 200 different kinds of birds. Only have 50 plus so far this year since I was sick most of the time from Christmas through the first half of March. Only now beginning to feel normal.

Problem is, for the past two years with two bouts of pneumonia (one hospital stay), three surgeries, 6 sinus infections, dental surgery with 18 teeth removed (that has also messed up my sinuses), I have ended up horribly out of shape from mostly living on the couch. I have given Couch-Potato a new meaning!!!!! So much to do and I huff and puff to get around and energy levels just drop off to zero.

Here is an example of needing tons of energy. I make my own fondant because it is cheaper and tastes much better than commercial kinds. It is made with marshmallows and powdered sugar. Once mixed, it is like bread dough only stiffer. You have to kneed it for 10-15 minutes. I have got it down to a fine art and can make a batch in less than 30 minutes. I have to make 8 batched just for her Capstone cake. 3 for her grad cake and 5 for her Harry Potter cake. That is 8 hours for just fondant!!!! I have to also make 4 batches of gumpaste to make the flowers and figures. Add 2 more hours. That is 10 hours for covering the cake and flowers only. The flowers will take about 30 minutes for each one and there will be at least 50 to 100 flowers which means 25-50 hours, if not more. Flowers start out very slow while learning to make the different types, lilies and a type of rose/peony cross (fantasy flower is what you might call it). When I learned to make roses (which she hates) it took me over an hour per flower.

That all gives you an idea of what I am facing. Starting Monday through May 28th, I am going to be flippin' swamped!!!!
 Quoting: WhiteAngel

There really is no rest for the weary! I am darn tired today. Really weary!
 Quoting: bigD111

But ranching is very hard work!!!!!
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