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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated
Poster Handle JazzyG
Post Content
If Shitlary wins the presidency, Air Force One should be renamed "ConAir"
 Quoting: JazzyG

I think I would be relocating to Canada. Was always an area I was interested in and isn't too far from where I am now...

F*ck having that demon as president.

Ugh...this is scary.
 Quoting: Simple27

I've always wanted to revisit my Irish roots.

Hey Mattie...get that room under the stairs ready. I might be needing it soon.
 Quoting: JazzyG

That bunker he posted about a while ago that was for sale! I say we all go in!!!

Thing was massive!


I mean, we'll live above it while we can, but also have the kick ass underground world!

 Quoting: Simple27

That's it! Simpletards...it's bunker time!
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