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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.6 Guam*5.2 Fiji*5.1 Fiji*5.1 Santa Cruz Islands ~ Pg 11951
Poster Handle -Haun-
Post Content
While we are talking about earthquakes, solar flares, and hurricanes, we also need to pay attention [as I'm sure BigD is] to the wildfires in Montana which is yet another out of human control event.

There are over a million acres now that have been burnt or are now burning. This is yet another incredible natural disaster co-existing with the EQs and everything else. If you believe in Chaos Theory this event alone would have major impacts on our environment and not just on Montana and Idaho. The fires set off another string of events whose total resultant impact is still unknown because of the magnitude of it. Impact studies have been done on previous fires but it takes years if not decades to coherently lay out precise environmental anomalies.

Scientists are still studying the after-effects of the Mt. Saint Helen's eruption and that happened in 1980.
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