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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.4 Iran*5.3 Fiji*5.0 Carlsberg Ridge ~ Pg 12387
Poster Handle InterMezzo
Post Content
I've missed you around here IM! Hope all is well!

 Quoting: KickinIt

Hey you Darth Froggy ;-) hf I've missed you too and all my friends on here. The pain (some pancreas trouble) kept me away for a while, but all good again. Back for the next twelve decades or so.

*counts* twelve decades? Hmmm, I might need to hire a professional typist by then, due to ageing. But we will deal with that when it arrives.

That reminds me of those two old timers talking in an elderly home.

One says: "Do you know Angie? That hot 93 yr old chick from room appartment 35b? I am still chasing her." Other guy high fives him and says: "Way to go buddy!"

His buddy looks at him, frowns and mutters: "Thanks. I really am still chasing her. Trouble is, I can't remember why!"

have a great weekend sweetheart. hugs

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