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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated
Poster Handle Arnie
Post Content

It is very humid here too hun.

Also my ear is bloody blocked again grrrrr
No appointments at my doctor for 2 weeks either so I am royally pissed off.

ND love how are you today. Xx
 Quoting: MsMc

Understandably so! I feel for you. I will never forget when my ear was blocked for like 3 months or something absurd like that. I was absolutely miserable the whole time. And very snappy at people. I hope it unblocks for you long before that appointment becomes available.

 Quoting: Simple27

For blocked ear,,,or to clean your ears....get some grapefruit seed extract....Put into a cup of warm water about 10 drops...
Get one of those blue "baby" rubber bulbs, and suck up some of the warm water / gse into it.....
Hold your head sideways over the sink and shoot the water into your ear, let drain out in sink.....do several times...sometimes there is just built-up wax in there which will soften and come out.
 Quoting: Arnie

Our cup we use for Tea?

Or; your cup I have had to go buy a special measurement cup for
Cos I do love you guys munch but having a plastic spoon helps.



And actually more to the point.
What is a small blue bulb when it's at home?

God I'm deaf and vodkas up sorry if I'm being an arse.

Edited to add arose.

 Quoting: MsMc

Our cup is 8 ounces....it doesn't really matter the exact measurement....just warm water with 10 drops gse in it...hf
And we have in the drug stores baby section,,,,rubber bulbs that can be used to suck out baby's noses when they have a cold.....they are usually blue here anyway......so you can suck the warm water up into the bulb and then shoot it into your ear.....as it drains out into the sink.....
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