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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.1 Mauritius ~ Pg 12627
Poster Handle Arnie
Post Content
Wow, Jazz, truer words have never been spoken!!!

Ok guys, I've come here before asking for your prayers and good wishes, and I'm in need of them now like never before. And for reasons I'd never have considered. I can't go into them all, but it involves grandson's baby momma. She's in a world of trouble, and because of it CPS has taken my great grandbaby. It's been like a really bad tv or movie script. And this nightmare will be going on for quite a while.

You're all like extended family, and right now I covet your support. I am hurting.

Thank you!

PS- Check your PM, Sim
 Quoting: justanothergranny

You most definitely will be in my on-going prayer list, Granny,,,,,,,,this situation is making me cry.
Why can they not turn custody over to you ?

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