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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.2 Japan*5.2 Banda Sea*5.1 Kuril Islands*5.0 Molucca Sea ~ Pg 12621
Poster Handle justanothergranny
Post Content
Ok guys, I've come here before asking for your prayers and good wishes, and I'm in need of them now like never before. And for reasons I'd never have considered. I can't go into them all, but it involves grandson's baby momma. She's in a world of trouble, and because of it CPS has taken my great grandbaby. It's been like a really bad tv or movie script. And this nightmare will be going on for quite a while.

You're all like extended family, and right now I covet your support. I am hurting.

Thank you!

PS- Check your PM, Sim
 Quoting: justanothergranny

I've had to get an attorney because they are interpreting the guardianship court order to mean that the mom was given guardianship, not the rest of us. They did come do a home check yesterday and I was told they found nothing to correct, so that's a positive. But from all I'm hearing, unless my attorney can get the guardianship orders straightened out, which came from a District Judge by the way, CPS can keep Sadie as much as a year in foster care.

I've been crying a lot. The issues with the mom happened at the other great grandma's house. Nothing has been found to have happened while the baby was in my care, but they are doing a hair follicle test on her, and a lot of other tests. And so, this isn't going to be resolved any time real soon.
 Quoting: justanothergranny

Just found out there is an Adversary Hearing for the guardians on the 28th, where they will advise us of the charges, and of their reasons for withholding guardianship. Glad I will have a good attorney before then. From what I read online, they could actually charge the other great grandma for allowing the injuries (over a several month time) to occur.

What a nightmare!
 Quoting: justanothergranny

We need ALL of the positive vibes, energy, love and PRAYERS that we can combine for granny and her family!

This is 100% an URGENT request!!!

I hope you don't mind granny, but I'm bringing the above posts to the prayer thread.

All warriors requested!



 Quoting: Simple27

Thank you, Simple! I covet all prayers. I know GOd is in control, and I've prayed for His angels to surround and protect my sweet great grandbaby. But I think this is the hardest thing I've ever been through. Thank you everyone!
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