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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.0 Indonesia*5.0 Philippines*4.9 Hawaii ~ Pg 12476
Poster Handle KickinIt
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Thank you KickIn - in fact, by the District Judge's ruling, I've got guardianship. SHe's been living with me every other week for a year. And now, it appears I could be considered for full guardianship until grandson gets his head and life straightened out. He's completely motivated now! I think CPS will rule against the other great grandma because the incidents happened at her house on multiple visits.

Right now the baby is with a foster family. I'm sure they are good folks, but they are strangers. At least the mom can't do anything more.

The mom is looking at 5 to 20 years in federal prison if convicted. She'll get off the drugs, and hopefully will get the psych help she needs. Maybe she'll come out a better person. I hope so.
 Quoting: justanothergranny

I was hoping you or someone else close could get full guardianship! I'll never understand why they put kids in custody of strangers if they have family members who are perfectly capable. Even if it's temporary until they figure out an arrangement, why put the kid with strangers? Makes no sense to me.

Sounds like the mom is in bad trouble, as you say. Prison might be the best place for her - keeps her alive and gives her a chance to get her life straight. I hope the best for everyone involved in this.

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