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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated
Poster Handle InterMezzo
Post Content
And I even managed to nearly be in the same time zone as the one and only Twitter Goddess and Earth Empress Isis One. *bows* Can a week start even better?

Even though it is the day whose name shall not be mentioned. Let's just go from the fact that nothing bad will happen and we find back what we have lost..

Enjoy your time zones everyone. Love to all! hf

 Quoting: InterMezzo

You’re so sweet! Hope you have a good rest of the week. You provide so much validation and reassurance to our group that you deserve a Simple27 Peace Prize (better than it’s boring brother, the Nobel Peace Prize). You sir are a Prince of a man.
 Quoting: Isis One

You are the sweetest Isis. hugs And I don't think I deserve any prize at all. We all contribute as much as we can. I am just me and I try to compensate the lack of knowledge in EQs with things that I am better at.

But if there was one of those two prizes, no offense to Sim tomato, I would rather get the Nobel one. Why? Because the money is so sweet. We could throw an Epic GLP EQ Christmas Party with that, Jukebox fans also invited and who ever else we want to invite.

And there would be money left to create a virtual reality EQ holo deck, with time warp beam me up stuff, create one single time zone, a place where for example our dear KickinIt doesn't have to bite her nails for the Cardinals to win, a place where Sim can teleport to the Moon and back at any given time and watch the Northern Lights through a cloud of Tangerine Dreams.

A place where Arnie can finally meet Laurel & Hardy, play the banjo and give solid natural health advice. A place where sweet Spirit Warrior can put our upside down world back in the right side up direction. A place where you Isis can sit on your throne, admiring and directing earth's positive energy and swipe through hologram Twitter posts with the single touch of your index finger.

A place where.. oh f*ck it.. I could name everyone on here and would gladly do so, but you get the point. Till that time we will go with the beauty we have here. A place where we can breathe and share our thoughts, even ridiculous ones like mine. And to be honest, that place ain't that bad either..

But first, we got a BIRTHDAY to celebrate!
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