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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.2 Alaska ~ Pg 13004
Poster Handle InterMezzo
Post Content
So, this slow day....

wondering if anyone else here has been having a SLOOOOOOW day;
I've been way under performing today,,,tired / listless / no motivation whatsoever / bored. I'm not usually like this even though I have no life at all lol.
....due to full moon / planetary stuff? somehow it seems
"atmospheric". Yeah, we had a lot of snow and very cold today,,,but shouldn't make me into a vegetable....

 Quoting: Arnie

Sorry to hear that Arnie. hugs

I did sleep very bad, but was so energetic that I wrote an all out column (in Dutch) today that was way too long, but as chaotic and hilarious as ever...

The weather across the globe is weird. Way too low temps here as well. Early snow over there. Cold here. People say we are in for a horror winter. Eat your heart out Greta Thunberg!

Stay warm my dear friend! hf And that goes for everyone!
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