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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated
Poster Handle InterMezzo
Post Content
Meanwhile, over here...lol. Critical Purple plants are coming along nicely!

Plant 1 [link to imgur.com (secure)]

Plant 1 close up [link to imgur.com (secure)]

Plant 2 [link to imgur.com (secure)]

Plant 2 is much shorter than plant 1. Both seeds were planted at the same exact time and have been on the same watering/feeding schedule. Weird. But even though it's shorter, it's producing nice buds!

Aside from that, my Mini is sick. She sounds awful. All congested and terrible cough. Sounds like pneumonia to me (which my grandmother currently has) but her doctor says her lungs sound clear for now, even though she agreed the cough sounds like pneumonia, so no chest x-ray. They said if it doesn't sound better in a few days to go back. *rolls eyes*

Living room is still a shit show because Nef got some hours at work this past week so he hasn't had time to work around the house. Which is a good thing because the money is needed, so I'm trying not to complain too much. tounge He's actually at Home Depot now and we're gonna do some work in the living room tonight. Of course this will be after I make my mini some chicken soup!

Kickin, thank you SO much for all of the updating you've been doing! I'm so very grateful for you. : )

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

 Quoting: Simple27

Growing so fast. Great pics Sim! hf

I hope Mini gets well soon. Here is a card for her that will cheer her up. Soup, in most cases, does help:

[link to www.americangreetings.com (secure)]

And also good to hear Nef is working again. I am sure the living room will be all in Holiday Spirit before the day is there..

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