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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated
Poster Handle Arnie
Post Content
I've been following this but I'm not real sure what it means. Is deformation something that we've seen in past eruptions I assume?
 Quoting: HawkeyeNation

On most volcanoes there will be at least some ground deformation prior and during eruption, not only vertically upwards, but laterally to the sides as well.

The big concern here is the much bigger and more dangerous Taal Caldera, should it decide it's time to go off. And alarmingly, this deformation over such a wide area, even far BEYOND the Taal Caldera, is clearly indicating that a MASSIVE magma intrusion is taking place. Where it stops and how it ends though remains to be seen. The larger Taal Caldera has potential for a VEI 7.

And worse, this deformation is occurring far beyond that, even. It is worrying to say the very least, and starting to put this at supervolcano (VEI 8)levels if it continues.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78306562

And this post, Luisport.
This is quite worrying.

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