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Message Subject Earthquake Alert
Poster Handle Luisport
Post Content
After almost two weeks with no new reported cases, we suddenly get four new cases of Wuhan novel coronavirus in Wuhan. Add this to two in Thailand (Chinese tourists from Wuhan who had never visited the market it originated in), and a Japanese traveler to Wuhan, who was found to be infected on his return, but had also not visited the market.

It's clearly spreading from person to person, but the official line is still that this has not been proved. I suspect that there are hundreds of cases.


At 04:00 on January 16, 2020, 3 patients were discharged from the hospital and no new deaths were reported. After comprehensive research and judgment on the clinical manifestations, epidemiological history, and laboratory test results of the national, provincial and municipal expert groups, 4 new cases of pneumonitis infected with new coronavirus have been added in our city. At present, the new cases have been arranged for transfer to Wuhan. All cases were treated at Jinyintan Hospital. All the patients were in stable condition without critical illness. The time of onset of the cases was concentrated from January 5th to 8th. Related epidemiological investigations and search of close contacts were underway.

In addition, Thailand and Japan each reported a case of pneumonia with a new coronavirus infection from Wuhan. Currently, Thai diagnosed cases are being hospitalized; Japanese diagnosed cases have been discharged. Close contacts in the country are conducting follow-up and medical observations.
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