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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated*5.4 Papua New Guinea*5.3 South Sandwich Islands ~ Pg 13807
Poster Handle KickinIt
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Omg, this is so just messed up, crazy. But GOOD news! Wtf...this is the most intense emotional roller coaster.

So scratch my previous papa update! New update is that they are NOT giving up on him! I guess it wasn't fluid in his lung. He has a blood clot in his lung. Although not great news, they can try treating the blood clot. And they will try. The good news is that they aren't quitting on him!!

My mom just facetimed me with this news. : )


Oxygen is 97%

I need a freaking drink!
 Quoting: Simple27

What the hell, they just assumed he had fluid and were going to throw in the towel? That's a bit disconcerting. Although I don't know all the details so that's unfair of me to question these wonderful people who are working to help all these sick people. Well, the important thing is they can treat the clot and his other vitals seem pretty good so fingers crossed he is on the upswing.

Yes, have a drink. And I will join you from afar!

 Quoting: KickinIt

I'm wondering if the chest x-ray appeared to show fluid but the cat scan confirmed a blood clot. I'm not really sure exactly how this all changed.

My uncle has been getting the updates from the doctor now for a couple of days. He passes the info on and I get it from my mom. And I pass on the test results that I see on his patient portal.

I noticed that they were still running tests on him AFTER my mom gave me that terrible news earlier, and I let her know. She called my uncle to tell him and he called the hospital for an update. That's when he was told about the blood clot and that they are still treating papa.

My uncle was hesitant to even call nanny with the better news because of the ups and downs. But it was agreed that she should know there is still some hope on the table. I really wish I could be with nanny during all of this. I wish I could be with papa.
 Quoting: Simple27

Lots of confusion, that's for sure. I agree your granny needed to know! I wish you could all be together too, I think it would give him strength to get better. At least your nana isn't alone, for that I am thankful.
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