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Suspected Dream Debriefing on Future Events

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United States
10/31/2013 11:47 PM
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Suspected Dream Debriefing on Future Events
I have no memory of exactly what happened in my dream the other day or if something like this happening. But all I could remember were the vibes that I was feeling when I woke up. I've been making contact with crafts in the sky since about May of this year. I used to meditate and visualize where I was and they would show up. Now I can go outside and they will already be out there. I feel that they are always with me and protect me. Through information I've found on the Internet I believe that the positive ET being are about to land and make face to face contact in private before they make public contact. A few days ago my friend said that he predicts that there will be a big storm. He wouldn't tell me how he came to the conclusion. He thinks it will be a real storm but I purposes the question that the storm is symbolic of big event. The date he predicted was Nov 3 2013. Two days after he told me his prediction he said he saw an orange UFO out of his window. He said it stayed in one spot and was out there for four minutes then disappeared. After the day of his prediction I began to go out and make contacts with these crafts that Ive been seeing. I've been going out to see them every night since then except for tonight on holloween because it was cloudy. But after having the dream I feel like the beings i make contact with debriefed me in my dream on what was about to happen. That UFO sightings and dream time contact would increase a lot more and would lead into the face to face contact that the positive ET beings are about to make. Thats what I feel was told to me in my dream and what is about to happen. If my story resonates with what your are feeling, Leave a reply.