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Message Subject TSA will now “pre-screen” your taxes, car registration, passport, employment history, and more
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
One little shooting is all it takes - stay tuned for updates.

Travelers are now being subjected to even more invasive screening procedures by the infamous Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Before “allowing” people to travel, the TSA is performing unwarranted checks of a wide variety of personal documents, going further than ever before into the lives of innocent passengers.

As expected, Americans will roll over for the new intrusions and accept that they are necessary to protect the Homeland.

The new pre-screening procedure is more exhaustive than a federal background check.

The TSA will now be dramatically expanding their reach into the lives of every passenger, and scouring all of the following documents, according to the New York Times:

private employment information
vehicle registrations
travel history
property ownership records
physical characteristics
tax identification numbers
past travel itineraries
law enforcement information
“intelligence” information
passport numbers
frequent flier information
other “identifiers” linked to DHS databases

“I think the best way to look at it is as a pre-crime assessment every time you fly,” said Edward Hasbrouck to the New York Times.

Hasbrouck is a consultant to the Identity Project, one of the groups that oppose the prescreening initiatives.

“The default will be the highest, most intrusive level of search, and anything less will be conditioned on providing some additional information in some fashion.”

[link to www.blacklistednews.com]
 Quoting: DoorBert

they have allowed this information for years to the Canadian border guards, and who knows what other countries they've now given access to. The Canadians love to turn around Americans at the border that have any record whatsoever, even if it's a 20 year old "crime" of drinking at a high school party and you've been squeeky clean ever since - they'll make you out to be a hardened american convict who is a threat to their clean society.
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