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United States
11/03/2013 07:39 PM
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They are here
So I went out on my back porch earlier for a smoke...I know they usually start like this, but this is what I was doing lol. Was doing my usual stargazing..looking for UFOs...which I have never seen and has made me a huge skeptic. Well that all changed tonight. Within 10 minutes I saw two of them. I was just looking up at the stars when all the sudden...one of them started moving, this was way too high up to be a plane mind you, and it was just sitting there "like a star" for a few minutes....then it moves right to left, stops, then banks 45 degrees to the right and goes a little bit farther, then suddenly disappears. I was like wtf was that?? Thinking possibly satellite, but didn't think they would change direction like that. Was thinking maybe meteor, but I don't think it would turn either. So I turn around and decide to look at a different part of the sky...almost directly above me...and guess what, it happens again! A star...at least that is what it appeared to be, just decided to start moving..it took off right to left and just totally disappeared, this one didn't turn...and it wasnt on the horizon so its not like my field of view was just being obstructed to make it vanish like that. It's almost like it was just sitting up there observing, then decided to take off. I've seen many meteors, and these just do not fit the description of them..there was no difference in brightness to make them appear to be burning in the atmosphere, they just "vanished". If anyone else has been seeing this..would like to know. I'm in Florida btw.