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Subject If you are capable of being crazy, being crazy keeps evil away
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's nothing in the universe that can penetrate the code of the crazy. Craziness keeps the evil away. If you are crazy, you are one of the few that are truly free and are out of the wheel of karma and desire. Crazy people can't be controlled at all and nothing worries them. They know it's all just a dream and nothing makes sense underneath anyway, so why even bother thinking about what you're going to do next.

You will come to know this world make no sense underneath if you really look, and you will see that the more careful you are, the more something will end up killing you anyway. There's no point in being a part of the system or acting like anyone else because there's always something in front of you that will be your demise. There's no point in worrying about anything when positive and negative are so connected. There's no point in listening to advice because your destroyer can come in the form of the one you trust the most. It can come in the one thing you love the most. The closer you are to anything, the more dangerous it becomes.

If you understand the world is crazy and you should ignore the way it's being played out in front of you, then you'll know you won't starve from hunger because you ran out of food, but because you desired food.
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