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Authentic Genesis Code for our Time- Dispel all Mysteries!

ALF on earth
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11/08/2013 07:11 AM
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Authentic Genesis Code for our Time- Dispel all Mysteries!
Genesis Code Table

Primary Genesis Codes based on days of Creation:
1= Ark, Conscience Mind, Woman-'Seed' of Creation, Mother Earth made on day_1.
2= Altar, Crown-Throne, & Nature, Earth Landscaped, Eden created in Spiritual Mind.
3= MUTINY, Adam thrown overboard from the Ark of conscience Intelligence.
4= Cosmos, Angels are assigned residence in the Universe of the Spiritual mind.
5= Adversary (satan's spirit), (5 sometimes points to the Father in certain equations, as both Father and His Covering Cherub (before falling to satan) share the same numeric image).
6= Man (man Created on day_6, both genders in ONE body/womb), also represents man fallen backward.
7= Son of God, Christ, Messiah (Glorified Flesh, Creator of day_7 and the Sabbath Covenant).
7= Sabbath Covenant (Seal/Sign, 7th-day).
7= M & F Rest in Christ (6+1=7)

Secondary Genesis Codes:
0= Humble man (male) who was once represented as 6 when fallen.
8= Sons of God, Bridegrooms (7+1=8), (Elect)-Tabernacle.
9= God's Judgment.
10= Announce/Trumpets
11= 2 witches, counterfeit Twin Pillars, church/state
12= Godhead (5+7=12) Father + Son.

"7-7-7" is the Image of a Holy Trinity
in the Earthly Sanctuary that is an Image of the Heavenly Sanctuary, which is the God-head.

Mark of beast decoded: These are compound images, each is a supernatural composition of a woman with satan's spirit. It appears that the Antichrist and False Prophet unite in "Church and State".

6= (1+5) AC (exalted woman) antichrist, Lamb-like beast/state
6= (1+5) FP (exalted woman) false prophetess/church [Rev 2:20]
6= (1+5) Liberated woman (exalted woman) WLM-1848, New World Order

Each "6" is a woman with the Jezebel spirit of satan, the woman who was once "1" when fallen from God was evolved into a "witch (1+5=6)" that has a masculine soul due to the combination of both flesh and spirit, this is satan's recipe better known as "Weird Science", the movie mocks God's Truth. "6-6-6" is the image of a counterfeit Holy Trinity, better known as the "Unholy Trinity". satan focuses on Equity, Trinity and Unity; all three simulate the Holy Virtues of God's Trinity but all are corrupt and deceitfully represented to the unsuspecting and uninformed world. Knowing that this mark "6-6-6" is satanic, we then expect to see satan present in each image of "6", this then doesn't leave any room for the "male" to be present because the numbers don't compute. If any "6" in "6-6-6" were a male, the mathematical equation would be as such: (5+6=11), this said, the mark of the beast would then be "11-11-11". And if the woman were also present in the same equation it would then be "12-12-12".

This threesome are equated as gods when the three, male, female and the spirit of satan unite they equate to the same level as the God-head. This counterfeit equation is represented as such: (1+5+6=12); the numeric Image of "12" is the "Fullness" of God by the equating of the Father with the Son, and this equation is as such: (5+7=12); the number twelve (12) is counterfeited and replicated by satan in order to exalt himself to the God-head using both men and women of this modern-day lifestyle of society. Any equation outside of God's Image of "7" is as witchcraft; if man remain "6" and woman remain "6" by equation of (1+5), both and either will perish, as this is nakedness, apart and shaved from "7" [1 Cor 11]. I hope this helps to understand the algorithm in Genesis Code; this is algebra and simple enough for a 5th grader.

Each "6" in "6-6-6" are an image of a man but not an actual male; the earthly "male" is not in any of these images because satan is image of "5" that is over powered by the male (man_6) so he must use woman_1 to equate to man so to tempt him deceitfully and cause males to transgress. The woman_1 is the only rank that satan_5 can overpower; 5 is greater than 1 but less than 6 and less than 7. The pair of woman and satan's spirit become the image of a male and satan masquerades as a man through the female, (1+5=6). The woman becomes a spiritual image of the (male) man_6 when she is joined with satan by disobedience. The rules were different before WLM-1848 when U.S. Congress changed ordinances. Then, when a woman divorced her husband, she immediately fell into this category. Today, all of the world is in this category by transgression of the ordinances broken in 1848.

Mix the 77 books of Truth into the mind of obedient man and you then have the Seal of God "777". The Image of 77 combined with image of 7 equals 7-7-7. This is imagery and is not calculated as base numbers; we are not only adding numbers but joining images in this algorithm, the equation is as such:
(77+7=777) is actually (77 joined with 7 = 7-7-7).

Seal of God decoded:
7= Son of God (Creator of Seventh-day Covenant)
7= The Seventh-day of Creation as a Sign (Covenant)
7= Man and woman equated in obedience become joint heirs in Eternal Life (6+1=7).

Male 6 and female 1 are no longer seen individually as they Rest by Obedience in 7. The spirit works like numbers do, numbers are Divine as part of Creation. God is the Author of Mathematics, it belongs to Him, only.

Neither male nor female are seen when equated in Christ by obedience to the "Times and Law" of God. When 6 is joined to 1 the two equate to 7 and are no longer seen naked as they were apart from God's Covenant of Glory. Remember the former things of old, those ancient ways. Spirits relate one to another just as numbers relate one to another. When we add 6 to 1 we then have the sum of 7 and the 6 and 1 are no longer seen apart and naked when joined as equal partners in Glory 7.

The disobedient couple, man and woman immediately become as gods, apart from God, thus, exalting satan in an unholy trinity that equates to the God-head, (7-1)=6+(1+5)= 12. Twelve is the image of GODhead, the Fullness of GOD, both Father and Son, this includes the Holy Spirit in Them who is not apart as a separate entity. We shall not divide the Spirit from God by a separate identity but rather know that all Three are ONE.

The "Divine Proportion" is out of balance in the world today. There is no truth or knowledge of God found anywhere in the land [Hos 4:1]. Judgment has been turned away backward [Isaiah 58:14]. The Holy is profaned and profanity appears Holy in this upside-down world.

The book of Genesis must be correctly interpreted (Rightly Divided) in order to understand all of the Prophecies, and ending with Revelation. God is Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the Ending, Genesis and Revelation; the two are "ONE" and may only be separated by spiritual crucifixion [Rev ch 11]. The Old and New Testaments are ONE, no man may put asunder.

Either mark are not seen by natural eyes, it's an Algebraic Image of Spiritual Identification. We are fooled to think that we don't have the mark of the beast and the truth is that the entire world has received the mark of the beast in either of two ways, through the hand or the forehead; this means that those who place their faith in the Protestant "66" Books Bible receive the mark "666" in their forehead and hand while all non-Christian society receive the same mark "666" in their forehead and/or hand by their lifestyle-works. All people, free and bond, rich and poor, great and small, it makes no difference, all receive the mark [Rev 13:16].

Either mark chosen is eventually "Sealed" into the human mind through a spiritual branding process; the conscience is seared as with a hot iron, and the individual mind is identified to which part of the "Harvest" it belongs, being wheat or tare. All those with either mark are permanently sealed with the particular mark that they will have at the time when God comes to finalize His Judgment for the Harvest. Once saved always saved, and once lost always lost, the door is shut, then.

But we all have the opportunity to decide whether to keep "6-6-6" or put on the "New man" Christ "7-7-7", which is manifest as putting on "Christ" because the "WORD" is "GOD". The "66" books Bible is like having a crucified Christ between two covers; people resurrect their "dead Christ" and use His 'WORD' like a puppet. The world has become as "gods", apart from God, Who Is ALL of the Gospels, not only parts. God is the "Fullness" of Righteousness and His "Imagery" must also be manifest. This manner in which I present this is to give example by means that you may relate and even count the number of the beast for yourself. This information has been calculated using the authentic Genesis Code that is derived from the "WORD".

Revelation 13:18
King James Version (KJV)

18 "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

2015 decoded:
2= Age of Second Coming
0= Image of humbled people (in specific Order)
1= Women return to their subordinate order in rank below the '0'
5= The lowest rank in last place reveals satan in the Abyss.

2015 reveals the year of liberation from satan and victory over satan for God's people; it will be a new Independence day.

9 is the Image of God's Judgment, Judging or execution of Judgment. The ninth month may be significant in 2015 as it was in 9-1-1 America.

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An Intelligent Being has come to save the Earth.
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11/08/2013 07:51 AM
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Re: Authentic Genesis Code for our Time- Dispel all Mysteries!
An Intelligent Being has come to save the Earth.
ALF on earth  (OP)

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11/08/2013 09:46 AM
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Re: Authentic Genesis Code for our Time- Dispel all Mysteries!
I suggest to you who are interested in learning more, you might want to copy this for future reference as times will change and this will become notably valuable.

God bless
An Intelligent Being has come to save the Earth.