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Message Subject ANTI-DOOM LIST: 10 things to do before TEPCO starts tinkering with reactor #4
Poster Handle FWIW
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No answer?
 Quoting: FWIW 33382770

I am not familiar with hemp hearts. Do you have MMJ in your state? If so, I would go to a meeting of growers and patients. I have been told ingesting cannabis without smoking or cooking will NOT show THC in your bloodstream, but will release the endocannabinoids that are beneficial to health. I can not verify this, and with a job at stake I wouldn't want to steer you wrong. Call Dr Frederick Neumann's office in Sterling Heights and ask, I trust the people in this office can answer you. They should also know what hemp hearts are, lol
 Quoting: RadChick

I'm in Minnesota. Where is Sterling Heights? TIA
 Quoting: FWIW 33382770

sorry ive tried to reply twice since you asked aboiut hemp seeds and each time got banned. then got unbanned the next day?? obviously dont like what im saying -but ill try again
de-hulled hemp seeds do not have protective properties like the green parrt of the plant. seeds are acid forming where greens and cannabiniods are alkiline. (electron donors), its alkalinity that is needed against radiation free radicals but if particles are already within the body then this alone will be enough to neutralise unless mega-dose (thats what vit.c and baking soda etc do). as its impossible tell if ingested or inhaled radiation then using clay like zeolite is best protection as it is drawn to toxins, lock them up and transports them out of body.
keeping alkaline is important for health and minimising radiation damage (probably why wild animals tend to fair better than humans in fall out) but fats are damaged themselves by heat/radiation and turn to trans fats. -so dont cook the seeds or oil as becomes toxic. de-hulled suffer the problem of oxidasition too so need kept fresh and refrig,
well thats my understanding fwiw
rgds , rp
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 50166920

Thank you for the heads up!

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