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Message Subject ANTI-DOOM LIST: 10 things to do before TEPCO starts tinkering with reactor #4
Poster Handle RadChick
Post Content
Revered California Physician: The problem we face at Fukushima is absolutely huge — I may leave West Coast during attempt to remove nuclear fuel (published today)

The Santa Barbara Independent, Nov. 7, 2013: Doctor Talks Dangers of Fukushima Fallout; Stephen Hosea Expounds on the Problems with Nuclear Power. The Santa Barbara physician discussed the dangers of nuclear power plants at a lunchtime conference packed with health-care professionals at Cottage Hospital

Dr. Hosea’s background is discussed in this Santa Barbara News-Press article: “He is just a phenomenal doctor, as well as just a wonderful guy,” said Dr. Elliot Schulman, health officer and Santa Barbara County Public Health director. “Everyone concurs,” said Peter MacDougall, past president of the Cottage Hospital board of directors. “Not only does he have tremendously strong technical competencies, but his personal modalities with patients, his caring, the deep sensitivity he shows represent just a terrific model for new doctors.” “He’s as close to a model physician as you could ask for,” Mr. MacDougall said. “We are, frankly, blessed to have a man of his talents.” [...] Government officials consider him a go-to guy, regularly seeking his advice [...]

“The Perils of Fukushima: What You Don’t Know Really Could Kill You”, Dr. Stephen Hosea, Published Nov. 23, 2013:

At 30:45 in

Should an event occur [during attempt to remove fuel from Unit 4], all of the radioactivity is going to go straight up into the air. We saw where it went the last time that that occurred. This is happening in the next two weeks. This is a possibility that could happen to each and every one of us. And I can tell you, it wasn’t until I started looking into this that I realized this was a possibility to happen. I certainly haven’t taken any preparations for this. I’m not exactly sure what the preparations are, but I think we ought to know so we can at least take whatever preparations we want to take. I may have to make a visit back to Boston during this period of time to protect myself from this...

Boston obviously is not far enough :(

[link to enenews.com]
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