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Message Subject Bitcoin Was Created By DARPA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, my first modem was "liberated" from a bank back in 1983 and I was that kid who was teaching teachers how to use a computer back when... the one who got called by all of the neighbors to fix their televisions, stereos and computers the same.

Heck, I was 11 years old and laughed when movies like War Games and Weird Science came out and people believed what computers could do.

You're spot on and I wish I could share the things my naked eyes have seen on the net over the years.

That said, I worked for many of the top companies in telecommunications and computers just so I could have access to tech and more importantly, trunks and access points from the inside.

I claim to know nothing and even less in a court of law under oath. ;)

Keep on keeping on.
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