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Message Subject Bitcoin Was Created By DARPA
Poster Handle Syan O'Citta
Post Content
The post below is mostly correct, Bitcoin doesn't really have a strong value proposition from a purely mathematical viewpoint. It is indeed created by 'insiders' of some variety(USG, Central Bankers) something like this and to think it's some kind of libertarian force is just a JOKE. If you look closely at all the people involved it's fairly obvious it's an insider 'black op' sort of thing.

I've been involved in Altcoins for a some time and I know a thing or two about what's going on.

The Altcoins sprung up not long after Bitcoin and there is quite a bit of diversity there. Mostly OP is right, they are some of the WORST scams imaginable run by some of the worst people imaginable. This is mostly by design of the bitcoin whales- they make sure the people who are fully funded are the ones that are going to make a quick buck AND spoil any alternatives to Bitcoin that may spring up. If you look closely in these projects you will see petty criminals, drug lords, weapons smuggling, and worse. The criminal underground likes these technologies because they can store their wealth and invest their dirty blood money.

Bitcoin was supposedly invented by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, but more than likely it was written by a man named Adam Back, who circles around the Bitcoin space and has a background in the fields of math and engineering that Bitcoin requires. In addition he was also involved with Tor, which was another similar sort of project funded by USG posing as an privacy device:

this is a rather famous article: [link to pando.com]

The exact details of Bitcoin's genesis have yet to emerge, but most who have spent any time in this area know it's something to do with USG or some such. I know of people who have been harassed/threatened by getting to close to the truth. Im not sure if OP has it exactly right, he seems to have collected all the controversial facts together and come to a conclusion, he's not an actual insider.

There are loads of aspects to all this. If anyone has a question, go ahead and ask I might be able to clarify.

Bitcointalk is another aspect to all this.

Sounds about right to me, OP. All you morans thinking Bitcoin is an anti-establishment, libertarian invention will have a rude awakening. You really think some shady character creates something like Bitcoin, something that can't be taxed nor regulated by the Rothschild-owned network of worldwide central banks, and the Illuminati are okay with it? Haha you guys are fools.

The Rothschilds send the U.S. military to foreign countries and bomb them back to the stone age, ruthlessly murdering millions of innocent people, all in order to install a Rothschild-owned, usurious central bank in the country, and you think they're just fine with something like Bitcoin being outside their control? WAKE UP AND SMELL REALITY.

And by the way, this idea that so-called "mining" gives Bitcoins value is so ridiculously fallacious, I don't even know where to begin. I worked on the dev side when I was in IT and I have a math degree, so I laugh when people try to bullshit me about Bitcoin's math-derived "value". You Bit-tards have no clue what money is. It would behoove you to figure that out at some point in your lives.
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